Orbit Communications Systems has received an order to provide additional dual-band OceanTRx 4 systems for installation onboard the Polish Navy’s Cormorant-class minehunter vessel.

The order was awarded by systems integrator THESTA on behalf of PGZ Group.

OceanTRx 4 is a rugged dual-band maritime satellite communications platform designed to support the mission-critical broadband needs of naval ships.

The communications platform can be used for one-day deployment.

THESTA technical director Cezary Majchrowicz said: “We offer a wide range of products and services to the entire naval sector in Poland.

“We expect the success of OceanTRx with the navy will help us expand our partnership with Orbit.”

Orbit Communications has stated that the system is designed to deliver high performance and low maintenance costs.

The maritime satcom terminal can easily switch between X and Ku bands.

Orbit Business Development & Marketing senior vice-president Stav Gizunterman said: “Orbit is a world leader in maritime satcom solutions for navies and the commercial sector, with several thousand systems now providing services across the seven seas.

“This repeat order from a long-term customer underscores the trend for defence organisations to turn to companies like Orbit for best-of-breed commercial systems adapted for defence applications.”

The Cormorant II class vessels support the Polish Navy’s efforts to counter mine-related threats at sea.

The navy uses the minehunter in the Polish economic zone, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea region.

Poland signed a contract in September 2013 with a consortium led by Grupa Remontowa Shipbuilding to procure three Cormorant II class vessels.