One Stop Systems (OSS) has received a subcontract worth $36m to provide flash storage arrays to the US Navy.

The five-year sole-source contract was awarded by prime contractor Raytheon, according to the company’s Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

The company noted that the flash storage arrays will be installed on navy surveillance aircraft deployed across the globe.

OSS president and CEO Steve Cooper said: “We are excited to receive this agreement, which solidifies our long-term production of these flash arrays.

“These products showcase the benefits of our award-winning flash array technology, including high-performance, small size, lightweight and portability.”

The firm will supply full mil-spec flash storage systems, including removable canisters.

The canisters will enable the removal of collected data from the aircraft and subsequent transfer to ground stations.

OSS stated that the systems have the ability to store real-time data captured from advanced airborne sensors (AAS), including radar and other sensors.

The company will also provide airborne and ground systems, spare canisters, and support services.

The firm expects to commence shipments related to the contract in this quarter of the year.

According to Seeking Alpha, the customised flash arrays are intended for the new P8 Poseidon military aircraft.

Previously, OSS helped Raytheon in building a new, lightweight, high-density data storage unit for the navy.

The storage unit was intended to replace heavy, low-density hard drive systems.

OSS manufactured a new data storage unit that holds high-density 256TB with four NVMe pack system, each weighing 6.5lbs.