Terma , PensionDanmark , and Odense Maritime Technology (OMT) have announced ‘joint candidacy’ to deliver new vessels for The Royal Danish Navy (RDN).

The three Danish industrial partners will work on the Front End Engineering Design project and offer the full-range delivery of the vessels.

The scope of work includes design, build, installation and delivery of the new ship class.

The project is expected to create many local jobs.

Terma CEO Jes Munk Hansen said: “The Danish Government, together with a broad majority in the Danish Parliament, has set a visionary course for the procurement of Denmark’s new flexible navy vessels. The decision builds on Denmark’s long and proud tradition of building ships.”

The parties will work in close cooperation with the Danish Defence department. Each company will leverage its expertise and experience in modular ship designing, technology development and more.

OMT had been part of the British-led, international partnership for the full-range delivery of vessels to the UK Royal Navy.

The Danish partnership will focus on ensuring the use of huge domestic content/technology in the new ship class and deliver ships that meet the needs of the Armed Forces.

In addition, advanced Danish technology solutions will be used in the development of the vessels that will support the green transformation of the Danish defence.

PensionDanmark CEO Torben Möger Pedersen said: “Denmark is a pioneer in driving the green transition and the Front End Engineering Design project is an unique opportunity to investigate whether the technology is so mature that we can build the world’s first green naval vessel. That would be a strong signal.

“There is a great demand in the rest of the world for partners who can ensure full-range delivery of naval vessels, and this opportunity has great export potential for the Danish maritime industry with Danish jobs as a side benefit.”