Naval Surface Warfare Center Indian Head Division (NSWC IHD) has started works to renovate and transform Chemical, Biological and Radiological Defense’s (CBRD) conference centre.

Beginning of the efforts were marked by a ground-breaking ceremony held on 28 October.

The renovation effort will transform the conference centre into CBRD division’s maritime chemical detection laboratory and modelling and simulation (M&S) centre.

The new dual purpose facility’s chemical detection lab will feature the latest technologies required for simulating maritime use of chemical agents.

Meanwhile, the M&S centre will allow the CBRD employees to model several CBR contaminants as well as evaluate and simulate different adversarial weaponry systems effects.

At the new facility, employees will perform a wide range of work to deliver assistance for global crisis, such as a recent effort to destroy Syrian chemical weapons and supporting the detection of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster.

In addition, they can use the facility to assess recently fielded capabilities and develop next generation technologies.

Other scope of work at the new maritime laboratory will include detection, identification and understanding of US Navy vessels’ protective posturing.

Naval Sea Systems Command CBRD technical warrant holder John Larzelere said: “This facility will not just to validate, verify and understand current threats, but will build on things coming down the road.

“The facility that you are opening today is going to be significant contribution to the efforts to ensure these types of materials are going to simply be a problem, not a threat to the Navy.”

Furthermore, the M&S team working at the new facility will allow M&S teams to continue their work to enhance and develop capabilities for Navy’s Operational Risk Model and Improved Performance Research Integration Tool.

NSWC IHD hosts a ground-breaking ceremony for CBRD’s maritime chemical detection laboratory and M&S centre. Credit: Matthew Poynor/Naval Sea Systems Command.

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