An information technology development team at the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NSWC), Corona Division in Southern California, US is set to launch its new Marine Ammunition Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) application to manage its inventory of ammunition and associated services.

The upgraded and expanded MAKE application is a suite of software tools that simplifies the management of Marine Corps ammunition.

Eight software tools that are part of the new software suite have been designed with a user-friendly interface to allow marines to manage inventory, acquisition, certifications, safety, logistics, service life and training.

The development team noted that MAKE provides a secure unified access point to business applications with capabilities in data mining and knowledge management.

Furthermore, its suite of apps supports requirements mandated by existing Marine Corps policies and programmes in ammo and related specialities.

NSWC Corona commanding officer Captain Khary Hembree-Bey said: “Our goal in reworking and improving MAKE was to focus on the needs of every marine with a role in that management process, whether at home or downrange, and ensure they are outfitted with a quality, modernised product that aids them in more efficiently doing their jobs.”

MAKE will be hosted in the Cloud, enabling the US Navy to achieve its goal of providing data-driven, cloud-based solutions to bring about improvement in total readiness.

NSWC Corona portfolio manager Steve Wann said: “The bottom line is any user who has been granted access to the MAKE enterprise system has the potential to access ammunition, safety, financial and other information associated with a specific DODIC (Department of Defense Identification Code).

“Whether that’s a video on how to pack it, safely handle it, retrieve general inventory numbers, or analyse budget impacts, all of that is at your fingertips.”

The appearance of the upgraded software suite mimics other applications and search engines such as Facebook and Google that service members are used to.

Prior to deployment, marines can download MAKE-hosted videos to their devices and watch them in the field as required.