The Norfolk Naval Shipyard (NNSY), a US Navy facility in Virginia, has completed missile operational sequence testing aboard the USS Wyoming (SSBN 742) submarine.

The testing, conducted by a strategic weapons test team, involves simulating a missile launch to assess the efficacy of the ship’s systems to the fullest ability.

According to a Naval Sea Systems Command statement, the testing was completed in eight weeks, setting a new record for the fastest completion of missile operate sequence during an engineered refuelling overhaul (ERO).

The earlier record was 10.5 weeks, when NNSY completed testing aboard USS Rhode Island (SSBN 740) during its ERO.

Code 290 Combat Systems Division head Eric Kieffer said: “The teams from NNSY Code 290 test engineering personnel, crane/rigging personnel, Shop 38 (outside machine), Shop 67 (electronic), Shop 99 (temporary services). The strategic system program (SSP) contractors and the ship’s crew did an outstanding job overcoming obstacles, including a reduced staff due to the current pandemic.

“The team effectively handled all challenges as they arose and this lead to the successful active inert missile (AIM) load, tube-to-tube transfer, and operational sequence of missile tubes.”

With the testing, USS Wyoming returns to operational status and will continue with the mission of strategic deterrence.

USS Wyoming is an Ohio-class ballistic-missile submarine. It is homeported in Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, which hosts all East Coast Ohio-class submarines.

NNSY Commanding Officer Captain Kai Torkelson said: “The strategic weapons test team has set the standard.

“They have shown the importance of portraying a positive attitude, the importance of initiative and, most importantly, they ensured safety was paramount in every phase.”