BAE Systems has awarded a contract to Wincanton to deliver logistics and warehousing services for its UK shipbuilding operations.

The agreement also includes BAE’s programme for River-class offshore patrol vessels (OPV), which are being built for the UK Royal Navy.

BAE Naval Ships business transformation director Charlie Blakemore said: "We have an existing relationship with Wincanton through the Queen Elizabeth-class (QE) programme.

"Wincanton will help us to improve quality and efficiency in the delivery of complex warships."

"During this programme, the company has demonstrated its ability to add value to complex defence procurement programmes, making Wincanton the perfect fit to lead our wider logistics operations.

"Wincanton will help us to improve quality and efficiency in the delivery of complex warships, making our business more competitive in the long term."

Wincanton will outsource logistics and warehousing at BAE’s facilities in Glasgow, UK, and will operate a central warehousing facility, providing scheduling, collections and modular reusable crates.

In addition, the company’s Motherwell facility, which is currently supporting the construction of the QE-class aircraft carriers, will support the contract.

Wincanton chief executive Eric Born said: "The importance of an efficient shipbuilding industry to both Scotland and the wider UK cannot be underestimated, and we are committed and proud to be supporting BAE Systems at such a crucial time in its history."