ViaSat has been selected by BAE Systems to supply the small tactical terminal (STT) KOR-24 for installation on to the DA20 Falcon series of aircraft used by the UK Royal Navy.

The STT, a co-development of ViaSat and Harris, will be deployed on Cobham Falcon 20 aircraft to support Link 16 network pre-deployment training.

The STT had passed the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) safety case certification in December 2012 and is the first certified very high frequency (VHF) / ultra high frequency (UHF) and Link 16 two-channel radio authorised for transmission in the UK airspace.

Cobham manages the programme for the Royal Navy joint support ar tasking organisation for fleet data link training and compatibility management of naval assets before operational deployment.

In addition to offering wide area system with high data throughput, the programme provides multi-level security that combines and reinforces tactical communications.

"The programme provides multi-level security that combines and reinforces tactical communications."

The STT / KOR-24 is a fully-certified, two-channel, Link 16 and VHF / UHF radio terminal designed to provide simultaneous communication of voice and / or data.

Capable of reducing size, weight, and power of tactical data link equipment, the terminal includes a range of software-defined VHF / UHF military radio and Link 16 functions.

The VHF / UHF channels enable soldier to insert time-critical data on the Link 16 network using software programmable waveforms such as HaveQuick and SINCGARS.

The STT/KOR-24 two-channel capability can be used for variety of applications in helicopters, light aircraft, small boats, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), and ground forces such as vehicles and a wide variety of shelterised communication nodes.

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