USS Warrior (MCM 10) transits the Arabian Gulf

The US Navy’s Avenger-class mine counter measure ship, USS Warrior (MCM 10), has begun the scheduled docking selected repair availability (DSRA) programme at SSK Shipyard and Ships Repair Facility Department in Sasebo.

The dry dock period is a vital time for the ship and crew as maintenance below the hull is performed and vital system upgrades are completed.

During DSRA, the USS Warrior will undergo extensive maintenance and upgrades needed to enhance mission readiness and warfighting capabilities which are vital to remaining a force in the Pacific area of operation.

Fitted with an SRR-1 satellite communications system and a WSC-3 UHF communications system, the vessel is compatible with the Joint Maritime Command Information System (JMCIS), which provides powerful command, control and information C2I system and locates friendly and hostile forces for allied commanders.

"The USS Warrior will undergo extensive maintenance and upgrades."

USS Warrior commanding officer Lieutenant Commander Kevin McCormick said, "DSRA is the light at the end of the tunnel as crew spaces get refurbished and Warrior gets extensive upgrades to its navigation and engineering systems."

The ship features Nautis-M integrated command, control and navigation system to support mission planning, route surveying, minehunting, classification of detected targets, mine disposal and mission status reporting.

Powered by four ID 36SS6V diesel engines, the warship is also equipped with ATK SLQ-48 remotely operated mine disposal system and the EX116 mod 0 remotely operated vehicle (ROV) mine neutralisation system.

The USS Warrior will undergo sea trials following completion of DSRA and will reassume operational commitments in the US 7th Fleet area of operations.

Image: US Navy’s Avenger-class ship USS Warrior (MCM 10) transits the Arabian Gulf. Photo: courtesy of US Navy Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Lewis Hunsaker/Released.

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