The US Navy’s Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan will undergo a scheduled overhaul at Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility in Bremerton, Washington, US.

The aircraft carrier, designated as CVN-76, will return to its homeport after which it will undergo temporary, administrative maintenance beginning on 10 January 2012.

The overhaul of the 1,040ft-long nuclear-powered supercarrier requires a drydock for more intensive repairs and maintenance work, which is scheduled for completion by 10 January 2013.

The USS Ronald Reagan was commissioned in July 2003 and has been actively deployed five times in the past six years.

The ninth Nimitz-class nuclear-powered aircraft carrier can carry 80 combat aircraft and is capable of distilling 400,000gal of fresh water from sea water daily.

The warship is equipped with an integrated communication advanced network (ICAN) throughout all areas of the ship, digital flat panels and titanium pistons for increased strength.

The aircraft carrier also incorporates rolling airframe missiles (RAM), which replace the Close-In Weapons System (CIWS) used on other carriers, in addition to Mk 29 Sea Sparrow missiles.

Commanding officer captain Thom Burke said: "Maintaining the ship’s material condition is an important part of ensuring that Ronald Reagan reaches its 50-year life cycle. The next year will help us remain a fully-capable war-fighting vessel."

Puget Sound Shipyard has recently completed the year-long, $239m maintenance of USS Nimitz, which began in December 2010.

The frigate is expected to return to its home port in San Diego, US, following the completion of the overhaul.