The US Navy’s guided-missile destroyer USS McFaul (DDG 74) has successfully completed a live-fire exercise as part of the composite training unit exercise (COMPTUEX), together with the USS Theodore Roosevelt carrier strike group (TRCSG).

USS McFaul commanding officer commander Michael Gunther said: "These live-fire exercises are crucial because they force us to get into a tactical mindset, focus on warfighting and improve our battle readiness."

As part of the exercise, the guided-missile destroyer fired 35 rounds using its MK-45 5in / 54 calibre lightweight gun and deployed floating training targets called ‘killer tomatoes’ at close range, through MK-38 25mm, M2 .50 calibre and M240 machine guns, as well as 20mm close-in weapons system (CIWS).

USS McFaul gunnery officer ensign Trevor Coleman said: "Each station is manned by exceptionally trained sailors.

"They take a great deal of pride in what they do and are committed to making sure their weapons systems work in top condition."

Conducted by the navy’s CSG 4, COMPTUEX is aimed at improving the capabilities of navy service members.

The exercise involves evaluating the mission-readiness of deployable assets and their capability to react to training situations as an integrated unit.

The training scenarios comprise multiple warfare areas, including air defence, surface, anti-submarine and electronic warfare, and maritime security operations.