Recon Scout XT throwable micro-robot kits

Robotic Systems Joint Project Office (RS JPO) has awarded a contract to ReconRobotics to deliver 126 Recon Scout XT throwable micro-robot kits for the US Marine Corps (USMC).

ReconRobotics military programmes director Ernest Langdon said that the XT will assist the US Marines as they conduct their operations in active combat theatres.

"The XT is sublimely small, simple and durable, and it has been proven to provide tremendous lifesaving capability without materially increasing the soldier’s burden," Langdon added.

The Scout XT is a throwable, easy to carry reconnaissance robot developed to withstand being dropped from up to 30ft and thrown over distances up to 120ft.

The Scout features large motors, powerful drive trains and aggressive wheels and enables the user to perform video reconnaissance across a variety of terrain.

The Recon Scout can determine the layout over enemy compound walls, onto rooftops and into culverts, as well as aid in identifying potential IEDs using its SearchStick.

The robots are well-suited for use by military and police and provide operators with situational awareness and the ability to maintain a greater standoff distance between the user and the adversary.

Additional use of the robot by law enforcement agencies includes high-risk tactical operations such as hostage rescues, barricaded subject situations and narcotics raids.

Under the latest 1.7m contract, the robots are scheduled to be delivered to the USMC by 30 April 2012.

The US Army also had recently placed a contract for the supply of 1,100 Recon Scout XT kits, totalling the number of micro-robots ordered to more than 1,800.

The Scout XT systems are also used by the US Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces as well as more than 350 law enforcement agencies worldwide.

Image: Additional Recon Scout XT throwable micro-robot kits will assist US Marine Corps’ operations in active combat theatres. Photo: ReconRobotics.