The US Navy Secretary Ray Mabus has announced the creation of a new task force innovation (TFI), which will develop a comprehensive innovation agenda.

TFI will consist of subject matter experts from across the department, including special advisers and representatives from the offices of the Assistant Secretaries of the Navy, the Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy (Policy), the General Counsel and the Office of Naval Research.

Mabus said: "From non-state actors to rising powers, today’s threats to our national security and our interests are not just becoming more numerous, they are also accelerating.

"Establishing TFI will help us develop the best ways to improve our systems."

"Establishing TFI will help us develop the best ways to improve our systems and ensure that we are also able to embrace our innovative ideas at a pace that keeps us ahead."

Specifically, TFI will be responsible for the creation of the US Department of the Navy’s innovation vision and the development of short and long-term innovation goals and metrics, as well as oversight of coordination across the department.

It will use innovative methods to create and maintain an adaptive workforce and ensure the service is effectively viewing information as an asset.

TFI will also ensure emerging operational capabilities have a clear and useful path to the navy fleet.

A 60-day period will be used to submit a detailed innovation agenda about the actions required to prepare the navy for future operations.

Mabus added: "I am confident that by working together, we will develop creative solutions to the most demanding challenges that lie ahead of us."