USS Coronado vessel

The US Navy’s second Independence-class littoral combat ship (LCS), USS Coronado (LCS 4), has successfully test-fired the Kongsberg naval strike missile (NSM) during missile testing missions off the Southern California coast.

Launched from the deck of Coronado, the Norwegian-made Kongsberg NSM successfully hit a mobile ship target.

US Naval Surface Forces commander vice-admiral Thomas Rowden said: "We are extremely pleased with the outcome of today’s test onboard Coronado.

"We view this successful missile test as a possible future warfighting capability for the LCS programme."

The latest tests were aimed at demonstrating the potential of the LCS to accept new weaponry as part of the foreign comparative testing (FCT) programme.

Furthermore, the navy is also planning to increase capacity of the firepower and range across the surface fleet.

Rowden added: "Both classes of the LCS are based on modular design concepts.

"The Norwegian-made Kongsberg NSM successfully hit a mobile ship target."

"This allows for the integration of weapons and sensors like the Kongsberg NSM technology as part of the LCS warfare suite."

Earlier this month, the Coronado successfully fired its Mk110 57mm weapon system for the first time, as part of sea frame developmental testing.

Commissioned in April, the high-speed, shallow-draft multi-mission vessel is capable of operating independently or with an allied strike group.

The modular, manoeuvrable, networked surface and reconfigurable vessels are mainly used to prevent threats in coastal waters. They also provide fighting capabilities and operational flexibility for surface warfare, mine warfare and anti-submarine warfare missions, among others.

Image: The US Navy’s USS Coronado LCS during sea trials. Photo: courtesy of the US Navy.

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