US navy submarine tracking software

The US Navy’s new interactive software is set for installation onboard the guided-missile cruiser USS Mobile Bay (CG 53) this month, aimed at dramatically trimming down the time consumed in planning safe submarine missions.

Developed as part of the Capable Manpower Future Naval Capability programme, the US Office of Naval Research (ONR)-sponsored technology aims to strengthen the process of identifying the finest routes around risks in waterways globally.

ONR Warfighter Performance Department programme officer William Krebs said: "Our goal is for sailors to be able to carry out a mission effectively and safely.

"This system merges a variety of crucial data so planners can integrate information ahead of time and the command team can focus on the critical operations at hand."

"Our goal is for sailors to be able to carry out a mission effectively and safely."

ONR’s Mission Planning Application technology, through partial automation and use of apps and widgets, will be able to rapidly check thousands of chart markings, while indicating potential hazards and creating optimal routes around rocks, reefs and other shallow spots.

The tool also synchronises navigation route maps and generates a visual combination of ‘what, when, where, why and how’ for every operation.

Integration of new technology on the Mobile Bay vessel will enable researchers to filter mission planning technology for the surface ship community.

Other members involved in the development of the new technology include Naval Research Laboratory, Naval Oceanographic Office, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific, Program Executive Office Integrated Warfare Systems, US submarine force and Royal Australian Navy.