The US Navy has awarded a contract to 3eTI to expand its enterprise industrial controls system (EICS), built on EnergyGuard and VirtualGuard solutions in support of the SmartGrid programme.

The modification deal follows the previously awarded $25m multi-year wireless sensor network contract to 3eTI to protect critical infrastructure within the US Naval District.

Under the follow-on contract, 3eTI will deploy EICS to all bases within the naval district of Washington to reduce energy consumption and protect critical network infrastructure from cyber-attacks.

3eTI president Benga Erinle said: "We are pleased that our products and solutions, with integral and robust DID capabilities, will continue to assist the navy in meeting its energy security goals, including the Energy Independence and Security Act [EISA 2007] and Energy Policy Act [EPAct 2005] mandates."

By implementing defence-in-depth (DID) security, the 3eTI wireless systems will protect critical assets associated with the Navy SmartGrid Pilot programme.

"Our products and solutions will continue to assist the navy in meeting its energy security goals."

With the control networks, the secure wireless sensor network also protects assets that are connected to network operating systems while reducing associated cyber-attack risks.

The advanced cyber secure sensor networking system, EnergyGuard, has been designed to combine NDW region’s direct digital controls (DDC) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems into an enterprise network.

VirtualGuard uses secure wireless intelligent video network system to connect the navy’s security operation centres to remote sensors to assist in security alerts, responses, and analysis events, as well as enabling critical infrastructure protection.

In addition, the EnergyGuard and VirtualGuard systems also assists navy to comply with congressional mandates.

The two systems also comply with Department of Defense (DoD) directives for the navy information assurance (IA) and Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) requirements.