The US Government is investing in foreign object debris (FOD) detection and clearing equipment for use in the US Navy and US Marines air stations.

The government has bought ten units of FOD Finder XM-M from Trex Aviation Systems for air stations located on the East Coast and West Coast.

The FOD Finder XM-M employs millimetre-wave technology to detect and retrieve FOD on airport surfaces in all weather conditions.

"The FOD Finder XM-M has been tested and evaluated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)."

Trex said that its patented millimetre-wave radar does not interfere with airport and aircraft communication, navigation and surveillance systems.

The system includes a heavy-duty pickup truck, a Trex FOD detection radar system, a Trex FOD vacuum retrieval system, an in-vehicle display with intuitive user interface, as well as data acquisition and storage.

Trex Aviation Systems chairman and CEO Dr Kenneth Tang said: "The FOD Finder XM-M has been tested and evaluated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for 18 months at various airports with a report of 100% detection capability at night, during the day in sun, rain, mist, fog, snow and sandstorms.”

The system, with touchscreen control panel, can be operated by a single person on different paved surface types and a single FOD Finder is enough to cover an entire airfield.

Upon completion of an inspection, the FOD Finder XM-M provides immediate feedback of current airfield conditions to operations management and ground control through automated reporting and dissemination of information.

Image: The US Government invests in the FOD Finder XM-M to clear debris off of airways and runways. Photo: courtesy of PRNewsFoto/Trex Enterprises Corporation.