Victoria-class submarine

Ultra Electronics Maritime Systems (UEMS) has been awarded a contract to deliver four submarine towed array sonar system (SubTASS) arrays in support of the Royal Canadian Navy’s Victoria-class submarines.

Serving a key role in contributing to the operational effectiveness of the submarines, the towed array sonars are the principal long-range underwater sensor for the submarines.

The UEMS’ SubTASS arrays will enable the Victoria-class long-range diesel-electric patrol submarines to covertly detect and track surface and sub-surface contacts.

The Canadian Navy purchased four diesel-electric powered long range patrol submarines from the UK in the 1990s to replace its ageing Oberon-class submarines.

Three submarines are scheduled to be operational this year, with one further vessel set to undergo deep maintenance as part of the ongoing submarine operational cycle.

Armed with six 533mm bow torpedo tubes equipped with air pumped discharge systems, the Victoria-class submarines have a surfaced and dived displacement capacity of 2,168t and 2,455t respectively and can cruise at a surface speed of 12k and dived speed of 20k.

"The towed array sonars are the principal long-range underwater sensor for the submarines."

The 70.3m-long and 7.6m-wide submarines are fitted with CK 35 search periscope and the CH 85 attack optronic periscope system, Thales Underwater Systems Type 2007 flank array sonar and the Thales Underwater Systems Type 2046 towed array sonar.

Additional features include 18 Gould Mk48 Mod 4 heavyweight torpedoes, two submerged signal ejectors (SSE), small vertical discharge tubes which can launch either acoustic or bubble decoys, Sperry Guardian Star intercept radar to provide Electronic Support Measures (ESM).

In February, the Royal Canadian Navy placed orders with UTC to provide services for the ongoing maintenance of the submarine towed array sonars.

Work under the latest contract will be performed at the company’s facilities in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.

Image: Crew onboard the Canadian Navy’s Victoria-class submarine. Photo: file image.

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