Textron Systems Electronic Systems is continuing its partnership with Lockheed Martin and the US Navy on the electronic consolidated automated support system (eCASS) programme.

The eCASS programme seeks to ensure mission readiness of the aircraft and supports the operational preparedness of critical aircraft systems, including weapons, avionics and navigation that are used for automated testing at sea and ashore.

It allows the operators to restore and maintain the equipment quickly, and enhances interoperability and portability among external systems.

“The eCASS system in anticipated to be incorporated by the navy aboard all of its aircraft carriers.”

The eCASS system in anticipated to be incorporated by the navy aboard all of its aircraft carriers, as well as at many of its naval air stations.

Last year, Textron Systems and Lockheed unveiled low-rate initial production (LRIP) I and LRIP II, along with the opening of Electronic Systems’ eCASS automated test equipment and production facility, which shelters two functional eCASS stations at Textron Systems in Hunt Valley.

In 2010, Textron Systems’ operating unit, AAI was contracted by Lockheed to design and build radio frequency (RF) components, also called mission equipment kits (MEKs), in the next-generation automatic test equipment for the US Navy aircraft fleet.

The RF MEK ensures mission readiness of naval aircraft.

AAI has partnered with Lockheed Martin and acts as the principal subcontractor for the eCASS programme.

Following the receipt of a contract from the US Navy last year, Lockheed has been producing eCASS systems in LRIP III, which includes 31 Textron Systems Electronic Systems RF MEKs that are scheduled to be delivered this year.

The eCASS station is comprised of four primary equipment racks, including Textron Systems Electronic Systems’ RF MEK.