The Danish Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) has placed an order with TenCate Advanced Armour for the delivery of armour systems, which will be integrated onto the Royal Danish Navy’s Iver Huitfeldt-class frigates and Absalon-class support ships.

Aimed at protecting mission-critical areas of navy ships, the modular armour kits will be supplied and installed over the following months.

"TenCate’s systems provide protection for a wide range of naval and coast guard vessels."

TenCate Advanced Armour managing director Helle Specht said: "TenCate has previously supplied large quantities of armour protection during the build-up phase of the ships, and we regard the latest order as an important next step in securing the best protection at the best price for the Danish Navy personnel."

Designed to fit the individual geometry of vessels, TenCate Advanced Armour comes with modular configuration and can withstand a range of threats encountered in mission areas.

The system can also be customised to deal with individual project specifications and meet user requirements for either permanent integration into the structure of a new vessel or for additional protection of existing vessels.

Furthermore, the protection level can alternate from Nato Stanag 4569 level one to four.

Based on lightweight ceramic and composite materials, TenCate’s systems provide protection for a wide range of naval and coast guard vessels, including rigid-hulled inflatable and fast patrol boats, and main warships.

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