The US Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA) has notified Congress of the potential foreign military sale of MK 15 Phalanx Block 1B Baseline 2 Close-in Weapons System (CIWS) Guns to Taiwan.

Under the estimated $416m sale, Taiwan has requested for 13 MK 15 Phalanx Block 1B Baseline two CIWS Guns, eight CIWS Block 1 Baseline 0 to Block 1B Baseline 2 upgrade kits, and 260,000 rounds of 20mm MK 244 MOD 0 armor-piercing discarding sabots (APDS).

The package also includes 20mm dummy rounds; spares to support the installation, maintenance and operation of the MK 15 Phalanx Block 1B Baseline 2 systems; classified and unclassified publications; software; training; technical assistance; installations; other technical assistance; and logistical support.

"The package also comprises major defense equipment, including enhanced armored applique kits."

Raytheon Missile Systems has been selected as the prime contractor for the sale.

In a separate $375m sale, Taiwan requested 36 Assault Amphibious Vehicles (AAVs) weapons, 30 .50 calibre M2 machine guns, and six 7.62mm M240 machine guns.

The package also comprises major defense equipment, including enhanced armored applique kits (EAAK); spares; weapons; training; support and test equipment; publications; contractor engineering technical services; engineering technical services; logistical, training, engineering and programme support; and other technical assistance.

The country has also requested the sale, refurbishment, and upgrade of two Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates (FFG-7) that are being provided as excess defense articles (EDA) under a $190m deal.

Each of the vessels will feature the MK-92 Mod 6 fire control system, the SQQ- 89V(9) anti-submarine warfare system, the MK-75 76mm gun system, Phalanx 20mm CIWS (Block 18), MK-13 guided missile launching system (GMLS), AN/SLQ-32 electronic warfare system, SPS-49 radar, SQR-19 towed array sonar and SQS-56 sonar.

Expected to provide increased anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capabilities, the EDA Oliver Hazard Perry-class frigates will replace the recipient’s existing Knox-class destroyers.

The package also comprises spare and repair parts, as well as personnel training and training equipment.

Approved by the US State Department, the potential sales are expected to help improve Taiwan’s defensive capability.