The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV) has placed an order with Saab to deliver ten of its remotely operated vehicle (ROV) systems for deployment in the Swedish Navy.

Under the contract, Saab will deliver its Seaeye Falcon ROVs, which can be used for seabed surveys, inspections, light underwater operations and the recovery of objects.

Scheduled for delivery within 12 months, the new stand-alone systems will be integrated on patrol boats and auxiliary vessels operated by the Swedish Navy.

"This is another example of how Saab combines civil and military technology."

Saab Seaeye chairman Agneta Kammeby said: "This is another example of how Saab combines civil and military technology and adapts it for the requirements and purposes stipulated by the military.

"Over the years, we have developed and established unique expertise within the field and we are delighted and proud of being able to deliver the system to the customer."

Powered by brushless DC motor technology, the Seaeye Falcon ROV can carry a 14kg payload and can go to a depth of 300m.

Features of the system include a distributed intelligence control system, integral system diagnostics and a high-resolution colour camera on a 180° tilt platform.

The system also comes with a surface control system, equipped with video overlay and daylight readable display, in addition to low-drag umbilical.

The Saab Seaeye Falcon, which is used for both civil and military purposes, is being offered with a range of advanced tools and customised accessories.

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