The Spanish Navy is set to conduct its annual Flotex-15 exercise in the Gulf of Cadiz, Strait of Gibraltar, Alboran Sea, and Western Mediterranean.

To be conducted into three phases, the exercise aims to train the participating units in synchronising maritime security and crisis management.

Flotex-15 focuses on synchronising training and readiness requirements of the different fleet units and staff, while interacting in a common scenario.

"A total of 3,000 people apart from other Air Force and Army units will be participating in the exercise."

A total of 3,000 people apart from other Air Force and Army units, along with around 20 surface ships, one submarine, a Marine Corps Landing Force and different rotary and fixed-wing aircraft, will be participating in the exercise.

The first phase will include various port coordination activities, and the second will involve serial drills to integrate the different naval units.

The third and final phase will a tactical, which will include simulating a series of incidents in medium / low intensity scenarios.

One of the fictitious scenarios, which will be conducted 3,000 miles away from the Iberian Peninsula, will involve an allied and friendly nation requesting help due to a serious crisis.

The naval force will adopt an expeditionary arrangement to respond to the simulated scenario, with a UN resolution providing legal support to the deployment of forces to re-establish security in the area.

The Spanish Navy and Nato units recently concluded MNEX 15 SP exercise, which aimed to improve cooperation between all stakeholders, both public and private, with interests in the maritime security arena.