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Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) has successfully completed evaluations of the Terrex-wheeled armoured amphibious vehicle, as part of the US Marine Corps (USMC) Marine Personnel Carrier’s (MPC) programme of continued systems demonstration and studies contract.

The Terrex 8×8 vehicle has undergone a series of water performance demonstrations in various sea conditions for two weeks in Camp Pendleton, California, and validated human factors and stowage capacity.

SAIC Navy and Marine Corps Group senior vice-president Tom Watson said: "Terrex completed all required surf transit and ocean swim maneuverability tests at its fully-loaded combat weight, while facing challenging conditions."

Through successful stowage of the gear and supplies, the ST Kinetics-manufactured Terrex vehicle also demonstrated its significant load capacity, which will be needed for three days of marines operations.

"The Terrex vehicle demonstrated its significant load capacity, which will be needed for three days of marines operations."

The human factors evaluation demonstrated the spacious interior and enabled rapid tactical and emergency egress, while the quick-release hatch design validated its ease of operation and rapid egress during the timed demonstration.

Designed to provide enhanced mobility and protection for the USMC, the Terrex network-centric, survivable vehicle features an advanced design that bridges the medium-armour ground vehicle gap while complementing the USMC’s assault amphibious vehicle and the future amphibious combat vehicle.

Prior to the trials, the vehicle had been modified to expand its manoeuvrability space of infantry battalions for military operations across land, littoral, and inland water environments by SAIC-led team, comprising of ST Kinetics and Armatec Survivability for the USMC MPC programme.

The ballistic and mine blast tests, which began in May 2013 at the Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC), are being conducted by SAIC in conjunction with USMC, the US Army and Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC) personnel and are due for completion in July 2013.

The USMC is expected to provide a final report of the trials in September 2013.

Image: SAIC Terrex amphibious vehicle. Courtesy SAIC.

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