Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering has awarded a contract to Sagem to deliver optronic surveillance masts for the South Korean Navy’s new KSS-III submarines.

In addition to enabling easy integration in the KSS-III combat suite, optronic masts include improved image resolution and processing, together with low-observability and radar stealth.

Sagem’s masts include optronic (electro-optical) sensors, in addition to a signal intelligence system and infrared system that help with discreet communications.

"Optronic masts include improved image resolution and processing."

The new optronic surveillance mast is based on the company’s Series 30 masts, which are already being manufactured for integration into the Indian Navy’s P-75 Scorpene-class submarines built by French naval shipyard DCNS.

Claimed to be the most modern and complete optronic surveillance mast, the Series 30 SOM (search optronic mast) integrates four simultaneously operational sensors, image processing and operating modes, which are used for the advanced detection of airborne or surface threats.

The Series 30 SOM’s ‘quick look round’ feature offers panoramic or segment displays in separate, full resolution or compressed windows, in addition to other modes that provide traditional, live-display of the diverse video channels.

The non-penetrating mast comes with a high-definition thermal imager and a high-definition camera, while simultaneously accommodating a low-light level, anti-blooming camera and a laser range finder.

Compatible with a range of electromagnetic antenna including GPS, ESM, early warning and communication, the Series 30 can equip both classic and nuclear submarines, whether new or revamped units.

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