Skeldar V-200 Maritime unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)

Saab has been awarded a contract by an undisclosed customer to deliver and deploy the Skeldar V-200 Maritime unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) for maritime operations.

Under the contract, Saab will install the Skeldar’s flexible multi-mission system with the customer by the end of the year.

The customer will deploy the UAV, which is powered by a two-cylinder, in-line, two-stroke, liquid cooled internal combustion engine, to conduct naval operations to meet the vertical takeoff and landing requirements at sea.

Saab’s Aeronautics head Lennart Sindahl said the Skeldar V-2000 Maritime is an excellent choice for maritime operations, featuring high flight performance, heavy fuel engine and easy-to-maintain design.

"We continuously improve the system with the integration of new sensors and different payload, according to customer needs," Sindahl added.

"The Skeldar V-2000 Maritime is an excellent choice for maritime operations"

Capable of being launched from the deck of any vessel with maximum take-off weight of 200kg, the Skeldar system has been designed to conduct major missions including surveillance, reconnaissance, target attainment and transfer of target data to strike platforms.

The medium-range UAV can also be deployed to support instant battle damage assessment and control of indirect fire in addition to providing logistics support and ship-to-ship or ship-to-land transfers in rough weather conditions.

Featuring dual payload capability and various COTS payloads for specific missions, the system is fitted with EO/IR gimbals, a laser pointer, laser range finder, synthetic aperture radar, ground moving target indicator, electronic warfare, AIS transponder, searchlight, megaphone and cargo hook.

The system can fly at a maximum altitude of 4,500m for five hours and can cruise at a maximum speed of 130km/h with a mission radius of more than 100km.

Image: A Saab-built Skeldar UAV performing mission. Photo: copyright Saab AB, photographer Jonas Tillgren.

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