The Royal New Zealand Navy (RNZN) has awarded a contract to Saab for the installation of the TactiCall integrated communications system on-board its future fleet replenishment vessel, HMNZS Aotearoa.

Saab’s TactiCall system is capable of assisting interconnect communication technologies irrespective of radio band, frequency or hardware.

It is also able to increase tempo, while reducing the required effort and risk.

The TactiCall solution is scalable from one to several operator positions or communication interfaces and plays a significant part in remote-controlled setups, from single radio to complete operations.

Saab Support and Services business area head Ellen Molin said: “Because of the intuitive nature of the human-machine-interface, the RNZN gets a system that is easy to operate even in complex situations.

“When the stakes are raised, a TactiCall operator is less likely to make an error and can solve the task more quickly and effectively.”

In-service support for the TactiCall system will be provided by New Zealand-based company Electronic Navigation (ENL).

The RNZN’s future HMNZS Aotearoa is slated to be built by South Korean firm Hyundai Heavy Industries and will help sustain the country’s defence forces with fuel, freshwater, equipment and ammunition.

It is expected to replace the current HMNZS Endeavour and will be ice-strengthened and winterised to carry out operations in Antarctica, including resupplying Scott Base and McMurdo Station.

Construction of the new 24,000t vessel will start in 2018 with delivery scheduled for January 2020.

Saab has deployed its communications system on-board 20 different vessel classes to date, serving a total of nine different navies.