Defence and security company Saab has acquired Denmark-based naval company Nordic Defence Industries (NDI), which designs and manufactures mine disposal charge systems for the naval defence industry.

With the acquisition of NDI, Saab will be able to develop its position in the unmanned underwater domain.

Saab Dynamics business area head Görgen Johansson said: “With the acquisition we are strengthening our position in the mine counter measures market, building a foundation for continued profitable growth.

"Our regional footprint will be strengthened, as well as our role as a global supplier of mine counter measure solutions."

“Our regional footprint will be strengthened as well as our role as a global supplier of mine counter measure solutions.”

“With the high tech solutions for mine disposal provided by NDI we will have a product portfolio that covers the total need among our mine counter measure customers.”

NDI will be integrated into Saab’s Dynamics business area within its Underwater Systems business unit.

The combination of Saab’s knowledge from the autonomous underwater vehicle / remotely operated vehicle (AUV/ROV) market and NDI’s mine disposal solutions will create a new MCM house within the former.

NDI owner and managing director Jess Otzen said: “After more than 20 successful years in the defence industry, with the challenges inherent from being a small stand-alone defence company, I am pleased to see new and exciting possibilities arise for NDI from the upcoming integration with Saab.”

NDI’s DAMDIC is a mine disposal charge, which will be carried to the mine by a remotely operated vehicle, such as Saab’s Double Eagle.