The Russian Navy has successfully commissioned the first Yasen/Graney-class nuclear-powered attack submarine, SSGN Severodvinsk (K-329).

RIA Novosti cited a defence industry source as saying that the Russian Navy’s Severodvinsk (K-329) submarine had been under construction at the Sevmash shipyard in northern Russia since 1993.

"The delivery acceptance certificate for the first Yasen was signed at Sevmash on 30 December," said the source.

The Russian Defence Ministry previously signed a contract with Sevmash shipyard for the construction of five Yasen-class submarines, to support Russian Navy’s anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, surveillance operations and special missions.

Armed with long-range cruise missiles and eight vertical launching system tubes for cruise missiles, the 119m-long and 12m-wide Yasen-class submarines can strike against submarines, surface warships and land-based targets.

Capable of cruising at a top speed of 31k while accommodating a crew of 90, the submarine has a full load displacement of around 13,000t and is powered by a KPM-type pressurised water reactor and steam turbine.

"The delivery acceptance certificate for the first Yasen was signed at Sevmash on 30 December."

Currently, the second and third submarines of the class, the Kazan and the Novosibirsk, are under construction as part of the updated Project 885M Yasen-M design.

Meanwhile, the Russian Navy’s Oscar II-class (Project 949A) nuclear-powered attack submarine, Smolensk, has rejoined the Russian Northern Fleet following completion of two-year repairs and upgrading programme at the Zvyozdochka shipyard in northern Russia.

The 155m-long and 24,000t Smolensk, built in 1990, has a maximum submerged speed of 32k and is armed with 24 P-700 Granit (SS-N-19 Shipwreck) supersonic cruise missiles with a range of 300nm.

Following completion of similar overhaul programme, another Oscar II-class attack submarine, the Voronezh, rejoined the Northern Fleet in November 2011 for the Russian Navy.

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