Syria has taken delivery of two Bastion coastal missile systems equipped with SS-N-26 Yakhont supersonic cruise missiles from Russia, according to media reports.

The delivery follows the controversial $300m deal signed between Russia and Syria in 2007 to supply several Bastion anti-ship missile systems armed with Yakhont missiles.

The Yakhont missile has a range of 300km, can carry a 200kg warhead and is capable of cruising several metres above the water surface, making it difficult to detect and intercept.

The medium-range, shore-based anti-ship missile systems are expected to defend Syria’s entire coastline against potential seaborne attacks.

The Yakhont deal is part of an agreement with Damascus for the Russian Navy to expand its presence in the Syrian ports of Latakia and Tartous.

The Syrian Navy is currently using the Chinese C-802 anti-ship missile, which has a range of 120km.