TMS 2000

IAR Brasov has awarded a contract to Thales to develop and deliver TMS 2000 sonobuoy processors in support of the Romanian Navy’s IAR-330 Puma helicopters.

Thales‘ TMS 2000 sonobuoy processors will enhance IAR-330 Puma helicopter’s anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capability, while enabling the navy to detect submarines in the Black Sea, in particular as part of Nato missions.

Following release from a fixed- or rotary-wing aircraft, the sonobuoys send acoustic data to the processor through a VHF link which is received from the VHF receiver and processed by the aircraft in real time.

The TMS 2000 provides capabilities for detection, tracking, localisation and classification of surface and subsurface targets in all environments by processing active and/or passive acoustic data gathered from sonobuoys.

Featuring comprehensive mission preparation, post-mission fasttime replay/analysis and simulation for operator training, the TMS 2000 provides mono and multi-static processing modes for all active sonobuoys.

"The TMS 2000 provides mono and multi-static processing modes for all active sonobuoys."

The cost-effective and highly efficient solution requires minor modifications for installation on maritime patrol aircraft and helicopters of all sizes, as well as for integration into the aircraft’s tactical mission system.

Currently, the TMS 2000 processor is in-service onboard NH90 helicopters operated by the French, Norwegian and Swedish navies, in addition to the UK Royal Navy’s EH101 Merlins.

The IAR-330 Puma helicopter features electro-optical payload, advanced electronic warfare systems, rescue and survival systems, secured VHF/UHF communication systems, and improved survivability, as well as planning, debriefing and training capabilities.

In addition, additionally the helicopter can be used to conduct missions at day and night, including search-and-rescue, troops and material transport in all weather conditions.

Image: Thales-built TMS 2000 sonobuoy processor. Photo: courtesy of Thales Underwater Systems/Thales Group.

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