Scarab GLTD

L-3 Communications has received a contract from the Republic of Korea’s (ROK) Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) to deliver advanced imaging equipment.

Under the contract, L-3’s Warrior Systems-ALST business unit will provide Scarab ground laser target designator (GLTD) systems, conduct in-country operator and maintenance training and supply spares for the ROK’s Air Force and Marine Corps.

The company will also establish and maintain a full-range, multi-year logistics support capability in the ROK.

Fitted with rangefinding and an IR thermal imager, the new Scarab system is modular laser designator designed to provide accurate target designation during the day, night and in nearly all battlefield conditions.

L-3 Electronic Systems Group president Steve Kantor said the contract expands the company’s market share and creates near-term international opportunities for advanced imaging product line.

"This important win provides our customer with a new and advanced capability and demonstrates the ROK’s confidence in L-3 Warrior Systems’ ability to fulfill global requirements for technologically advanced sensor fire-control systems, while consistently meeting cost and schedule constraints," Kantor said.

"The battery-powered system features the latest advances in diode-pumped laser generation."

The lightweight, single man-portable system, Scarab is built as a tripod-mounted and is capable of covering 60 minutes of continuous designation from a single battery.

In addition to providing a unique operational capability to identify and designate targets on the ground, the battery-powered system also features the latest advances in diode-pumped laser generation.

The initial value of the contract is approximately $30m, while the company is scheduled to deliver the products to South Korea beginning in mid-2014.

Image: a soldier operating L-3’s Scarab system. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.

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