Rockwell Collins has completed delivery of its 721S radios to the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) fleet, strengthening the networking communication capabilities of the force.

The 721S radio is designed to operate with SubNet Relay (SNR) at data rates as high as two megabits-per-second in a 500kHz channel.

Rockwell Collins America vice-president and managing director Alan Prowse said: "The 85 radios, delivered on-time and on-budget, will enable the RCN to fit their main combatants and allow them to take full advantage of the wideband data throughput of their SNR systems.

"The RCN is a strong supporter and early adopter of the Canadian-developed SNR capability, which is now fielded internationally."

Prowse added that the Canadian Navy is the latest in a series of forces to acquired the 721S radio for naval operations.

The 721S radio, a replacement for the Rockwell Collins AN/GRC-171 communications system, weighs 60% less than its predecessor, and features better capabilities.

"The 85 radios, delivered on-time and on-budget, will enable the RCN to fit their main combatants."

It features a new remote control that allows customers to upgrade their installations for lights out operation, which will reduce manpower needs.

In addition, the solution offers Clarity technology that eliminates background noise in both transmit and receive modes.

Prowse added: "The successful fielding continues the strong relationship Rockwell Collins has developed with the RCN over the past two decades as our company continues to work closely with them and allied nations on developing appropriate communication systems to meet their operational needs."

According to Rockwell Collins the 721S radios are fully interoperable with the legacy radios currently used by coalition forces.

Image: Approximately 85 Rockwell Collins 721S radios have been delivered to the Royal Canadian Navy. Photo: courtesy of Rockwell Collins.