Raytheon’s precision extended range munition (PERM) has successfully completed its first two guide to hit (GTH) test series for the US Marine Corps (USMC).

During the testing, the PERM was fired from a smooth bore mortar tube and demonstrated its structural integrity and the kinematic capability while meeting expected range and impact angle requirements.

Raytheon Missile Systems advanced missile systems vice president Tom Bussing said that the company is leveraging precision artillery and munitions experience in order to meet an aggressive, 18-month development schedule.

"Our PERM solution’s exceptional accuracy not only means long-range precision fire support, it results in less collateral damage and logistical burden for Marine Corps Expeditionary Forces," Bussing added.

Raytheon is currently under contract to design, develop, test and mature the new 120mm long-range PERM over a period of 18 months to enhance the USMC’s capabilities.

The PERM will provide all-weather, ground-based close support, and immediate responsive and accurate indirect fires capabilities for the USMC air-to-ground task force.

Used with the 120mm M327 rifled towed mortar weapon, the primary weapon system of the Expeditionary Fire Support System team, the PERM features extended range mortar capabilities to take on enemy artillery, command and control centres, as well as other targets.

The EFSS has been designed to provide an all-weather, ground-based responsive close for the Marine Air-Ground Task Force.

A prototype of the guided mortar munition is expected to be delivered to the USMC for a live-fire demonstration phase in early 2014.

Raytheon is planning to perform further GTH tests series using a rifled mortar tube.

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