The fit check of the joint standoff weapon (JSOW) in the internal carriage bay of the Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) aircraft has been completed successfully by Raytheon.

A series of tests were conducted to evaluate whether the bay door could close properly without damaging the aircraft or the weapon when loaded with a JSOW shape in the internal carriage bay.

The JSOW C-1 variant provides upgraded capability to strike moving maritime targets, while the data link allows the aircraft to transmit targeting information to the weapon.

The low-cost air-to-ground weapon is network-enabled, features a GPS inertial navigation system and uses an infrared seeker for terminal guidance.

US Navy JSOW deputy programme manager commander Samuel Hanaki said: "The capabilities of the JSF combined with JSOW C-1’s ability to precisely engage moving ships at sea from standoff ranges would give the US and coalition war-fighter a powerful capability."