HMAS Anzac

The Royal Australian Navy (RAN) has started testing the HMAS Anzac’s combat systems, in preparation for the vessel’s sea qualifications trials, which are part of the anti-ship missile defence (ASMD) upgrade.

During trials, the vessel successfully fired two MU90 practice delivery torpedoes (PDTs).

The latest testing follows completion of the Anzac’s crew mariner skills evaluation (MSE), which paved the way for the vessel to be moved into the sea.

RAN tactical anti-submarine officer lieutenant Ken Brown said: "Although a PDT firing doesn’t appear to be as attractive as other warfare spheres, a lot of planning goes into what is essentially a minute or two of the serial.

"The operations and electronic technician crews planned this well, which resulted in a very successful trial after a long period in refit."

"During trials, the vessel successfully fired two MU90 practice delivery torpedoes (PDTs)."

Furthermore, the frigate will continue to test its combat system for the following few months.

As part of the ASMD upgrade, the vessel had been incorporated with a phased-array radar, fire control system, the latest combat system, including a link 16 tactical data link, as well as a new navigation radar and electro-optical surveillance system.

The upgrade, which was undertaken to improve the vessel’s weapons and sensors systems, also involved a maintenance package to assure compliance with the policies of seaworthiness.

RAN intends to use Anzac in the 2015 Anzac Day activities in Anzac Cove.

Image: RAN’s HMAS Anzac firing a practice delivery torpedo from the starboard launcher. Photo: courtesy of the Royal Australian Navy.

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