The UK Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) has awarded a contract to QinetiQ Command Information Systems Services to build a containerised experiment facility.

The facility will be used to demonstrate the Dstl’s new sensor system, which is used to detect small boat threats.

"This work is aimed at understanding how data can be most effectively presented to the operator."

Based on earlier research on coordinating defences against threats, the latest project involves the integration of all relevant on-board sensors and shows how information can be effectively presented to command to allow them to make informed decisions and coordinate a response.

DSTL Affordable Maritime Presence programme manager Philip Smith said: "This work is aimed at understanding how data can be most effectively presented to the operator to aid situation awareness and combat the small boat threat.

"We selected QinetiQ because they are able to bring together knowledge of sensor technology, experience in the discipline of human factors and a systems engineering approach."

QinetiQ’s Maritime Command Information Systems Services has been offering services and dedicated technology to defence, security and emergency service organisations for the past 25 years.

QinetiQ Maritime business managing director Sarah Kenny said: "This is the second contract we have been awarded by Dstl, which focuses on the threat posed by small boats to large vessels.

"This contract plays very much to our strengths in that we will be combining our extensive system, sensor and technical capabilities with our knowledge and understanding of human factors."

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