Italian Navy's Submarine

QinetiQ has provided design and advisory services to Fincantieri in support of the Italian Navy’s newest submarines’ onboard escape system development programme.

The delivery follows the previously awarded contract to QinetiQ for the Italian Navy’s new submarine construction project to conduct a feasibility study, provide advice, system and component evaluation, design and sea trials support.

Submarine Escape, Rescue, Abandonment and Survival (SMERAS) equipment and bespoke evaluation software has been used by Fincantieri to support the new submarine construction project.

SMERAS Support Services includes concept design and development services, tower escape systems, surface abandonment, DISSUB survival, submersible rescue as well as audit and assessment.

Design and advisory services will provide evaluation of new tower concepts and designs, maximise crew survival, safety case development, system modelling using validated data gathered over 25 years and trial design and evaluation.

Fincantieri Engineer Platform Subsystems project lead Mario Palmieri said QinetiQ has supported the submarine escape system review process as an independent advisor.

Based on a deep understanding of submarines and associated safety issues, SMERAS Support Services provide cost effective and optimised support.

The QinetiQ SMERAS team offers all equipment needed to measure flow rates, temperature, hood levels of water, tower levels of water and pressure in support of on submarine escape and rescue trials.

Additional support includes testing of escape equipment, such as regulators, valves and escape suits in QinetiQ’s hyperbaric facilities such as the Submarine Escape Simulator (SES), high pressure air flow trials rig and Life Support Systems Laboratory.

The SMERAS Support Services’ fully instrumented tower trials and guardbook advice have been delivered by QinetiQ to various countries including the navies of the UK, Netherlands, Norway and Canada.

Image: QinetiQ to support Italian Navy submarines’ onboard escape system development programme.