Defence Technology Company QinetiQ, which has a long track record of providing Combat System Integration services to the RN and developing underpinning technology for Combat Management Systems, has launched its ViewFinder combat management system

The system collects intelligence-based information from multiple sensors in order to develop a detailed picture of activity across air, land, surface and subsurface environments.

QinetiQ Maritime Investment and Technology chief engineer David Beatty said: "ViewFinder’s strength lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate sensors and hardware from multiple manufacturers and combine it into single, detailed picture of the ship’s surroundings.

"This, combined with data inputted by the operator, offers unrivalled situational awareness by speeding up assessment, reducing operator workload and minimising potential for user error."

The new software features 3D environment representation and allows the identification of various hostile and benign craft.

"ViewFinder’s strength lies in its ability to seamlessly integrate sensors and hardware from multiple manufacturers."

It is capable of monitoring and identifying friendly, neutral and hostile tracks and highlights abnormal activity as soon as it develops.

This will help the operator to minimise the burden and also enhance the available reaction time, the company stated.

Beatty added: "QinetiQ is ideally placed to deliver this system thanks to its many years of experience as a trusted advisor to the Royal Navy.

"We do not manufacture hardware, so can be relied upon to provide impartial advice on integrating hardware from multiple suppliers."

With this new system, QinetiQ will be able to strengthen its Overseas Mission Systems package, that provides analysis, procurement advice and guidance, system design, installation, testing and evaluation, and diagnostic remediation.

Image: The ViewFinder interface. Photo: courtesy of QinetiQ.