The Philippines Department of National Defense (DND) has allocated $5.5m for the marine engineering upgrade of the Philippine Navy’s Jacinto-class patrol vessel (JCPV), BRP Artemio Ricarte.

As part of the second phase of the JCPV marine engineering upgrade project, the vessel will undergo a complete revamp and engine improvements, the Philippine Star reported.

Work under the contract will involve the design, operation and maintenance of watercraft propulsion and on-board systems, including power and propulsion plants, machinery, piping, automation and control.

"The vessel will undergo a complete revamp and engine improvements."

The latest bidding invitation also stated that funds will be secured from the military’s modernisation programme allowance.

The initial phase of the project, which was completed in 2005, involved the installation of a new M242 Bushmaster 25mm cannon and upgrades to the command, control and fire systems.

The Artemio Ricarte corvette was also equipped with Raytheon’s gyro compass, the Sperry marine naval BridgeMaster E series surface search radar, GPS, anemometer and EM logs, as part of the initial phase.

Last year’s bidding for the project’s second phase, allocated with a budget of PHP216m ($4.77m), was unsuccessful, with Keppel Marine Philippines’ proposal failing to comply with some documentary requirements.

Prior to joining the navy in 1997, the vessel served the Hong Kong Squadron of the UK Royal Navy.

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