Pakistan’s Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works (KSEW) has marked the start of construction of the Pakistan Navy’s fourth Azmat-class fast attack craft (missile) and two 32t bollard pull tugs with a steel cutting ceremony.

A contract for the fourth Azmat-class FAC was awarded to KSEW in June 2014.

Currently, the Pakistan Navy operates two Azmat-class FACs, PNS Azmat (1013) and PNS Deshat (1014).

"The Pakistan Navy operates two Azmat-class FACs, PNS Azmat (1013) and PNS Deshat (1014)."

The third FAC was launched in September last year and is set to be commissioned into the navy soon.

The first FAC(M) was designed and constructed by China Shipbuilding and Offshore International Corporation (CSOC) under a contract of transfer of technology, while the second craft was indigenously built at KSEW.

Designed by Maritime Technologies Complex (MTC), the 63m-long Azmat-class FACs have a displacement capacity of 560t and can operate at a maximum speed of 30k at a range of 1,000nm.

The vessels feature a stealth design and are equipped with advanced weapons and sensors.

The FACs can be deployed for missions such as anti surface warfare, surveillance and policing of exclusive economic zone (EEZ) and search-and-rescue operations.

With a displacement capacity of 481t, the 34m-long vessel can operate at a maximum speed of 12k.

The boats are propelled by two Cummins KTA-50 1440kW turbo charged, water cooled diesel engines and four blades fixed pitch Rolls Royce Azimuth thrusters.

It is designed to perform all tugging operations for almost all sizes of ships and crafts.

Image: Steel cutting ceremony of Pakistan Navy’s FAC and bollard pull tugs. Photo: courtesy of Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Limited.