OSI Maritime Systems (OSI) has been awarded a contract to supply its warship navigation system for Turkish Navy vessels.

Under the contract, OSI will supply its WECDIS systems for the navy’s two landing ship tanks and two rescue and towing ships for submarines.

"The system comes with operational and tactical features such as target motion analysis."

Integrating electronic-chart precise integrated navigation system – warship (ECPINS-W) software, the system is aimed at improving situational awareness and enhancing navigational safety.

Furthermore, the system allows navigators to steer in the most demanding situations and carry out mission-critical work successfully.

Developed exclusively for use on military vessels, the system comes with operational and tactical features such as target motion analysis, advanced operator contacts, advanced drawing tool kit and weapon safety arcs, including a quick reference check from the screen.

According to OSI, when vessels lose primary position sources, including D-GPS or GPS, ECPINS can automatically resume alternative position sources or deploy conventional fixing techniques to develop a fix for the position.

The system’s tactical asset control and tracking feature enables users to execute a range of maritime security operations, while its target motion analysis feature can activate a semi-automated or manual TMA plan as a support for the central fire-control solution.

Approved by International Maritime Organization (IMO), the ECPINS-W electronic chart display and information system (ECDIS) is also certified for Nato WECDIS stanag 4564.

OSI has previously delivered warship navigation systems for integration into the Turkish Navy’s MILGEM corvettes.

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