Northrop Grumman has received a contract from the US Naval Supply Systems Command’s NAVSUP weapon systems support facility to deliver performance-based logistics (PBL) supply support.

Under the five-year, $61m contract, the company will deliver fleet support while continuing a ten-year deal between its Charlottesville operation and the NAVSUP weapon systems support command.

"The contract involves the management of a range of Northrop-supplied products and systems."

The contract involves the management of a range of Northrop-supplied products and systems, including the WSN ring laser gyro navigation system, AN/BPS-15/16 radar set weapon system, steering / scalable integrated bridge system and SPQ-9B radar set items.

Northrop Grumman Maritime Systems vice-president Todd Leavitt said: "Timely fleet support to help ensure the highest level of operational readiness has been a top priority for the last decade and we are honoured to support this mission.

"By supporting unforeseen needs and faster turnaround deployment schedules, the PBL programme dramatically increases the availability of critically required parts to satisfy our navy warfighters quickly and cost effectively."

In addition to covering new build spare parts, repairs, onboard spare parts support, obsolescence management and inventory control, the PBL programme also involves configuration management, serial number tracking and customer database entries.

The programme includes mostly every active navy surface ship and submarine, in addition to specific foreign naval surface ships under foreign military sales agreements.

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