MASS system

New Zealand has confirmed plans to integrate Rheinmetall’s multi-ammunition softkill system (MASS) onto two of its MEKO-class frigates.

Awarded by the New Zealand Ministry of Defence (MoD) as part of an Anzac upgrade programme, the €4.2m contract involves the delivery of two MASS systems in twin-launcher configuration (MASS-2L), as well as a long-range capability and two naval laser warning systems (NLWS).

Acting as a sub-contractor to Lockheed Martin Canada (LMC), Rheinmetall is building the MASS systems at its Buck Fronau plant in Bavaria, while the NLWS options are being procured from Saab Grintek Defence in South Africa.

The subsystems and MASS systems will be delivered to LMC for integration into the frigates.

In a bid to bolster ship protection, Rheinmetall has included anti-torpedo technology from French defence contractor DCNS.

"Rheinmetall is building the MASS systems at its Buck Fronau plant in Bavaria."

The existing MASS concept can launch up to four anti-torpedo decoys from a single MASS launcher and can also be integrated with the new anti-torpedo upgrade kit without any modifications.

Rheinmetall is also offering the MASS_ISS integrated sensor suite, which includes integrated radar ESM systems and laser warning systems.

Rheinmetall has collaborated with Israeli firm Elta to integrate its NavGuard technology into MASS, which can detect small approaching threats.

Image: Rheinmetall’s MASS ship protection system. Photo: courtesy of Rheinmetall AG.

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