HMAS Stuart fires a MU90” style=”padding:10px” width=”300″ />

The Thales-built MU90 lightweight torpedo has entered operational service with the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), following the completion of its final test firing.

During the testing, the MU90 torpedo has been test launched aboard the Australian Navy’s Anzac-class ship, HMAS Stuart (FFH 153).

The MU90 lightweight torpedo programme involves the Djimindi Alliance, comprising the Defence Materiel Organisation, Thales Australia and EuroTorp, as well as the Royal Australian Navy and its RAN Test Evaluation Analysis Authority and the Defence Science and Technology Organisation (DSTO).

Thales Australia’s CEO Chris Jenkins said MU90 would enhance the Royal Australian Navy’s anti-submarine warfare capability.

"We are very pleased that the torpedo has now entered active service, and we look forward to working closely with the DMO and RAN to support the weapon over the coming years," Jenkins said.

"The MU90 is an advanced lightweight anti-submarine torpedo and that can detect and attack deep quiet-running submarines."

Developed by EuroTorp, a consortium between DCNS, Thales and Finmeccanica, Whitehead Alenia Sistemi Subacquei (WASS), the MU90 is an advanced lightweight anti-submarine torpedo and that can detect and attack deep quiet-running submarines.

Commenting on the testing carried out in August, the navy chief vice-admiral Ray Griggs earlier said the MU90 has demonstrated its full capability during the final test and evaluation event and has already completed an extensive test programme using exercise (non-explosive) variants.

Currently, the 3m-long MU90 anti-submarine warfare torpedo is operational with France, Italy, Germany, Denmark and Poland, providing enhanced performance and accuracy in shallow waters and in congested areas.

The DCNS-built MU90 torpedo uses advanced technology to strike any type of nuclear or conventional submarine, including acoustically coated, deep-diving, fast-evasive, deploying anti-torpedo effectors or bottomed in littoral areas.

Image: HMAS Stuart fires MU90 torpedo. Photo: copyright of the Royal Australian Navy.

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