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The Mexican Navy has participated in a North American Maritime Security Initiative (NAMSI) exercise, held off the coast of Ensenada, Mexico, to boost partnership.

The NAMSI pacific exercise has been designed to offer a training environment exercise emergency response plans, policies and procedures to support maritime homeland security / maritime homeland defence (MHS / MHD) missions.

In addition to testing and improving capabilities to quickly interdict threats far from US shores, the exercise demonstrated the hand-off process of suspected vessels and persons of interest in collaboration with foreign navies.

US Coastguard cutter rush commanding officer captain Diane Durham said the crew strengthened their homeland security skills with the assistance of the Mexican and Canadian maritime forces.

Rush Petty Officer 2nd Class Tyson Ligsay said: "It was a great opportunity to work with the Mexican Navy to strengthen our partnerships and to hopefully one day work on multilateral agreements to help combat the narcotics trafficking."

"The crew strengthened their homeland security skills with the assistance of the Mexican and Canadian maritime forces."

Apart from Mexican Navy, the exercise involved Canadian Navy, the US Navy, and coastguard assets comprising of a maritime patrol aircraft (MPA) from air station Sacramento and coastguard cutter Narwhal, an 87ft-long patrol boat.

In addition, coastguard cutter rush (WHEC-723), coastguard cutter Narwhal, coastguard district 11, coastguard Pacific area as well as Mexican Navy’s Semar region two participated in the drill.

The exercise also included Canadian Forces’ Kingston-class coastal defence vessel HMCS Yellowknife and HMCS Edmonton.

A component of a multi-year training and exercise plan, the NAMSI drill provides an opportunity for participants to test skills in interactive and hands-on, real world tactical procedures.

Image: US Coastguard and Mexican Navy personnel onboard a vessel during exercise. Photo: courtesy of Lt. Andrea Psimer.

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