Romeo helicopter

Lockheed Martin has delivered the 200th submarine-hunting MH-60R Romeo helicopter to the US Navy, following a patch signing with Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron Seven-Two (HSM-72).

In addition to flying more than 250,000 hours in operation with the fleet, the MH-60R helicopters have been providing enhanced surveillance and situational awareness.

Lockheed Martin Mission Systems and Training business aviation and unmanned systems vice-president Dan Spoor said: "We are proud to continue supporting the US Navy, by delivering a multi-role aircraft with a game-changing sensor suite that shifts the advantage from the submarine to the helicopter.

"As surface and submarine warfare becomes increasingly complex, the MH-60R’s capabilities are unmatched in identifying, locating, tracking and prosecuting these threats."

"The Sikorsky-built helicopters are integrated with Lockheed’s advanced mission systems and sensors."

Powered by two General Electric T700-GE-401C turboshaft engines, the MH-60R can support missions such as anti-submarine warfare, anti-surface warfare, search and rescue, naval gunfire support, surveillance, communications relay, logistics support and personnel transfer, as well as vertical replenishment.

The Sikorsky-built helicopters are integrated with Lockheed’s advanced mission systems and sensors, which accumulate information from on-board and off-board sensors and generate an integrated picture that improves decision-making ability.

The US Navy is set to purchase 291 MH-60R helicopters, while the Lockheed-Sikorsky team has delivered five of the 24 aircraft to the Royal Australian Navy and has started production for the Royal Danish Navy, which will acquire nine aircraft.

Image: The 200th submarine-hunting MH-60R Romeo helicopter for the US Navy. Photo: courtesy of the Lockheed Martin Corporation.

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