Illustration of a similar Hugin 100 MR AUV

Remontowa Shipbuilding has awarded a subcontract to Kongsberg Maritime to provide the Hugin 1000 MR autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) in support of the Polish Navy’s minehunter class vessel programme.

Under the contract, Kongsberg will deliver the AUV and associated underwater communications and positioning equipment for mine countermeasures (MCM) applications.

Specifically designed for MCM operations, the HUGIN 1000 MR AUV can detect, classify and identify mines in a single mission.

Kongsberg will also deliver the HiPAP underwater communication and positioning system to provide ultra short base line (USBL) updates and underwater data communication with the HUGIN 1000, or other underwater vehicles, as part of the contract.

Currently in service with several navies including the Royal Norwegian Navy, the Finnish Navy and the Italian Navy, in addition tocommercial companies, the AUS can conduct high-speed surveys with navigation and payload data quality to a depth of 1,000m, 3,000m or 4,500m, depending on configuration.

"The HUGIN 1000 MR AUV can detect, classify and identify mines in a single mission."

For synchronised and simultaneous operation, the underwater system can accommodate several different types of high-performance survey sensors.

In addition to enabling integration of alternative sensors for geophysical, search and inspection purposes as per the requirements, the Hugin can be used for MCM, rapid environmental assessment (REA)/battlespace access, and intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions.

Other applications for the Hugin system include offshore oil and gas geophysical survey, inspection of pipelines and underwater engineering structures, environmental monitoring, hydrography and marine research.

Remontowa serves as the prime contractor for developing and delivering the new minehunter class vessels for the Polish Navy.

Image: Illustration of a similar Hugin 100 MR autonomous underwater vehicle. Photo: courtesy of Kongsberg Maritime AS.

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