The Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation has signed a contract with Kongsberg for the delivery of the MSI-90U Mk 2 combat management system (CMS) to the Royal Norwegian Navy‘s Ula-class submarines.

Kongsberg Defence Systems executive vice-president Nils-Oddvar Hagen said that the NKr200m ($33.16m) contract for the delivery of the MSI-90U Mk 2 CMS is a continuation of the ongoing contracts for the new passive sonar system and integrated submarine navigation system for the Ula-class vessels. The modification contract follows the contract previously awarded to Kongsberg in May 2008 for the delivery of a new combat system integration infrastructure, echo-sounder systems and an upgraded tactical simulator for six Ula-class submarines.

Based on a high-capacity database and a distributed computer system, the Kongsberg MSI-90U CMS uses a local area network or point-to-point connections to communicate with the onboard sensors, weapons and navigation system. The modular and flexible system features a multifunction operator console that provides tactical information based on the data available from sensors and other sources.

The Ula submarine has a beam of 5.4m and a draft of 4.6m, with surfaced and submerged displacement capacities of 1,040t and 1,150t respectively. It is powered by two improved MTU 12V 396 diesel engines and an electric motor, and can accommodate a crew of 21. The 59m-long silent and manoeuvrable Ula-class submarine can hardly be detected by enemy surface vessels due to its trimmed profile and is intended primarily for coastal operations.

The MSI-90U Mk 2 is currently operational with Type U212A submarines of the German and Italian navies.