The Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organisation (DALO) has awarded a contract to Kongsberg Maritime to deliver sophisticated new bridge simulation facilities.

Under the contract, four DNV Class B part task bridge simulators will be delivered to the Danish Home Guard School along with instructor and debrief stations, and integrated with real vessel equipment to provide enhanced physical realism for the trainees. The contract has an additional option for the supply of four bridge simulators for the Danish Home Guard School and a bridge simulator system for the Royal Danish Naval Warfare School.

The company will also supply the navy with vessel models and exercise areas relevant to specific training needs around Danish waters. The Kongsberg ship bridge simulator will allow the navy to accurately replicate a full range of maritime operations that are likely to be experienced while on the bridge of a warship, providing high-fidelity visual effects of ships, ship behaviour and the maritime environment.

The state-of-the-art functionality allows the navy to accurately simulate a wide range of operations, including the ability to test knowledge, skills and competencies of trainees in various scenarios. These include ocean passage and coastal navigation, pilotage, berthing and un-berthing, precise navigation and close quarter manoeuvring when conducting warfare-type exercises.

The Danish Navy has already ordered a DNV Class A full mission bridge simulator, part-task bridge simulators and a desktop classroom configuration. The new naval simulator installation will be similar to the one at the Royal Australian Navy’s HMAS Watson base, which was delivered by Kongsberg last year.